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Re-Breather Sheath Dress
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Pjur Original Silicone...
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PVC Annabelle Apron
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Short Deluxe Double...
£12.50 ( €16.00 )
Solid Stainless Steel...
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Straight Jacket Catsuit
£205.00 ( €262.40 )
Rubber Hot Pants
£26.50 ( €33.92 )
Plastic Catsuit
£85.50 ( €109.44 )
Underwired Rubber Bra
£75.00 ( €96.00 )
Plastic Jogging Bottoms
£26.00 ( €33.28 )
Large Solid Rubber...
£36.50 ( €46.72 )
Rubber Knee Socks
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Solid Stainless Steel...
£45.50 ( €58.24 )

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Rubber Strap On Fucked Up The Ass!

Rubber Strap On Fucked Up The Ass! - Video Update Added 2014-09-03

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PVC Clothing Rubber Eva Plastic Nappy
Suck My Rubber Cock!

Suck My Rubber Cock! - Gallery Update Added 2014-08-30

Matron drags a Transparent Rubber Sheet covered in Piss up from the clinic floor as she slides it over her Rubber Catsuited Sissy Slut! She has some Anal Fucking in mind as she next takes hold of a Rubber Cock! She sucks on it while wanking her Sissy Slut Slave and then pushes it in to his mouth so he can get a feel of what is going to Up His Ass!!!

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Webmasters Rubber Catsuit Video Eva
Urethral Sounding His Cock!

Urethral Sounding His Cock! - Video Update Added 2014-08-26

Matron has finished for now Fucking Her Rubber Patient and lets him wank as she pulls open a pair of Rubber surgical gloves and slides them on! Next she opens up her Stainless Steel Cock Dilators, lubing the first one she slides it in easily as it's quite small, however 3 sizes later and she has a big fat steel rod deeply embedded in RH's cock! He fucking loves it as she wanks and sucks it with it while he moans through the Plastic Pants...

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Rubber Eva Shop Heavy Rubber Five Star Fetish
Plastic Catheter Cock Suck!

Plastic Catheter Cock Suck! - Gallery Update Added 2014-08-22

Wanking her Plastic Hazmat Piss Patients cock, Matron watches the Piss Stream out of the Latex catheter tube that is inserted in his cock as it then runs down the PVC tube in to his Plastic collection bag... Matron wants to keep him hard so leans over and sucks his wet hard cock feeling the Piss pulse through her mouth and the tubes!!! Great Rubber Catheter Action!

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Webmasters Fetish Movies PVC Sluts
Plastic Pants Piss Fuck!

Plastic Pants Piss Fuck! - Video Update Added 2014-08-18

After squatting over her Red Rubber patient and filling his Plastic Pants with Piss, Matron pulls them up and pushes her Rubber gloved fingers through the Plastic and up his ass! The Urine flows out and onto the gyno chair... With RH's hard cock pushing against Matron's cunt, she allows him to Fuck Her in their Wet Pissy Plastic and Latex! Making sure he doesn't cumm yet she pulls off and suck his cock through the PVC Pants!

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Plastic Lovers Rubber Eva Shop KINK TUBE
Rubber Face Fuck!

Rubber Face Fuck! - Gallery Update Added 2014-08-14

With patient DD. still Strap On Fucking Patient J. on all fours in their Clinical Red Rubber Outfits, DD. thinks it's time to swap to another Wet Rubber Fucking position... Grabbing a Rubber Cock Harness she straps it to her face and gets the Rubber Gag firmly in her mouth before kneeling in front of J and Fucking Her with it!!!

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Web Cam Live Piss Fetish Plastic Nappy