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Rubber Fetish Goggles
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Heavy Rubber Chastity...
£140.00 ( €196.00 )
Hooded Plastic Bodybag
£90.00 ( €126.00 )
Bound to Tease Suede...
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Ruby Rubber Two Tone...
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Large Rubber Bed Sheet
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Hooded Rubber Jogging...
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Underwired Latex Body...
£155.00 ( €217.00 )
Long Plastic Playsuit
£54.00 ( €75.60 )
High Waist Rubber Harem...
£145.00 ( €203.00 )
Plastic Bra
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Hooded Tracksuit Jacket
£105.00 ( €147.00 )
Plastic Panties
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Rubber Cumm Shower!

Rubber Cumm Shower! - Video Update Added 2015-06-10

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Video Eva Plastic Nappy Rubber Eva
Plastic Piss Shower!

Plastic Piss Shower! - Gallery Update Added 2015-06-05

With RH. now encased in his Inflatable Plastic Hood, Matron pulls on his wet Hard Cock as she doers him to Piss! Watch the flow as she guzzles on his hot wet liquid! Her Rubber Hooded Face gets covered as does RH. in his Plastic Suit and Body Bag... Matron then buries her head between RH's Rubber covered legs slurping up their Piss!!!

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PVC Sluts Heavy Rubber Live Clinic Webcam
Latex Flesh Light Piss Wank

Latex Flesh Light Piss Wank - Video Update Added 2015-05-31

Matron leans over RH. in the gyno chair as she pours the Piss in  to his waiting mouth! Making sure he has had his fill she the takes a Flesh Light Masturbator and pours the rest of her Piss in to it... Wanking RH. hard she watches his Hard Cock slide in and out of the Silicone before letting his explode his cumm all over her Rubber Hooded face!!!

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Rubber Catsuit Fetish Movies Plastic Lovers
Transparent Rubber Fuck!

Transparent Rubber Fuck! - Gallery Update Added 2015-05-26

Now on top of her Rubber Clinic slut, Matron bounces up and down on his Hard Cock as these two Fuck In Rubber and Piss! RH. tries to grab at his Big Titted fuck slut but he is still Shackled To The Bed... Matron pulls open her ass cheeks as these two fuck harder in their matching Rubber Bloomers on the wet Rubber Bed!!!

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P.B. Productions Webmasters KINK TUBE
Rubber Pissing Hoist!

Rubber Pissing Hoist! - Video Update Added 2015-05-21

With her Rubber Suited piss slut still in his patient hoist, Matron swallows his big hard cock as she blows her Piss Patient hard! She feels his Rubber Gloved Hand push her down deeper as she lets him have some control... Pulling off she now wants a Mouthful Of Piss! Watch as RH. sprays her Rubber Hooded face and mouth with a Huge Golden Shower... 

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Rubber Eva Shop Web Cam Live Plastic Nappy
Deep Dilator!

Deep Dilator! - Gallery Update Added 2015-05-16

Matron is using her teeth to slide the Stainless Steel rod up and down RH's cock as he lays back in the Gyno Chair with a pair of Pissy Wet Plastic Pants over his Rubber Hooded face... Matron expertly uses her Rubber Gloved Hands to stroke him and use the rod at the same time, making sure at the same time he doesn't cumm... 


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