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Cynthia Plastic Apron
£29.00 ( €36.54 )
Double Breasted Shiny...
£129.00 ( €162.54 )
Inflatable Rubber...
£110.00 ( €138.60 )
Military Leggings
£70.00 ( €88.20 )
Total Enclosure Body-Bag
£210.00 ( €264.60 )
Breathplay Suit
£92.00 ( €115.92 )
Frilly Puff Sleeved...
£165.00 ( €207.90 )
Double F Silicone...
£115.00 ( €144.90 )
Crotchless Plastic Pants
£24.50 ( €30.87 )
Deluxe Rubber Suspender...
£62.00 ( €78.12 )
Hollow Rubber Dildo...
£40.00 ( €50.40 )
Boned Rubber Girdle...
£130.00 ( €163.80 )
Jogging Bottoms
£80.00 ( €100.80 )

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Wet Catheterized Piss Wank!

Wet Catheterized Piss Wank! - Video Update Added 2014-04-20

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Filling His Cock With Steel!

Filling His Cock With Steel! - Gallery Update Added 2014-04-16

Matron pushes in the Metal Penis Plug so it's embedded into RH's cock! With his cock and ass now full of Stainless Steel Matron works his cock licking and sucking it. RH. is struggling not to cumm as the Rubber Piss aromas swell in his nostrils and make his Cock Even Harder! Matron slows down the pace of her Cock Sucking as she wants to save her Rubber Bitches cumm for later...

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Plastic Lovers Plastic Nappy Rubber Eva Shop
Piss Pouring Pussy!

Piss Pouring Pussy! - Video Update Added 2014-04-12

Matron finishes filling her glass urinal with her Hot Golden Liquid as Patient AS. watches on in the Rubber covered gyno chair... Matron has place AS. in Rubber Bondage Mitts so she is unable to play with herself! Matron opens up her pussy lips and pours the Hot Piss over and in her cunt! The Rubber Sheet catches a nice pool as Matron gets a Stainless Steel Vibrator out and starts to masturbate her Piss Patient! Matron then decides the Rubber Gloves can come off and her Latex Neck Corset...

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Matrons Transparent Rubber Slut!

Matrons Transparent Rubber Slut! - Gallery Update Added 2014-04-08

Patient RH. and Matron are dressed head to toe in Transparent Rubber! Matron has put RH. in a Male Fit Rubber Corset and topped that off with some PVC High Heeled Boots! Seeing she is going to Fuck Her Sissy Rubber Slut like a girl with a Rubber Cock he may as well act like one... First however she lets him get his cock out as she strokes it and sucks it making it very hard indeed!

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Fem Dom KINK TUBE Five Star Fetish
Red Rubber Re-Breather Patient

Red Rubber Re-Breather Patient - Video Update Added 2014-04-04

Matron attends to her Red Rubber Catsuited Patient as she wanders in to the clinic dressed in Clinical Red Rubber and Plastic layers... She has got RH. hooked up with a Rubber Re-Breather Bag and this is connected to his Rubber Gas Mask via a Corrugated Rubber Tube! She plays with the bag and squeezes it as the other hand grabs at his Hard Cock inside his Rubber Sheath!

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Plastic Nappy Fetish Movies P.B. Productions
Huge Rubber Strap-On Fuck

Huge Rubber Strap-On Fuck - Gallery Update Added 2014-03-31

Matron and her Huge Rubber Cock have been completely Showered With Piss by Patient DD. while laying back on the Latex covered operating table in her Inflatable Rubber bloomers... Now it's time to get Fucked! Matron bends her over the Piss Bath and Strap On Fucks her from behind! DD. swallows this Monster Rubber Cock as she sides up and down it's Rubber length...

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