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Inflatable Piss Fuck Finale!

Inflatable Piss Fuck Finale! - Gallery Update Added 2014-07-21

In this final part of this set, Patient DD. is getting fucked hard and deep as I hold her latex Thigh Boots high in the air pulling her legs apart so I can get nice and deep with each stroke of my Rubber Cock... She screams out load with a huge wet Rubber orgasm as I watch her squirm on the Latex Covered operating table! This Rubber Slut is just about done as I push in deep with one final stoke...

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Rubber Speculum Piss Party!

Rubber Speculum Piss Party! - Video Update Added 2014-07-17

Still squirting the Piss deep in to her cunt with the syringe, Matron gives her Filthy Rubber Fuck Slut a total bath in Hot Piss! Filling her mouth as it overflows, Matron needs a Piss Herself as she sprays the Rubber Sheets with her huge Golden Shower! Then Patient A.S. has her speculum removed so she can return the favour giving Matron a Full On Golden Shower all over her Rubber Gas Masked Face!!! Non-Stop Piss Action not to be missed!

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PVC Sluts Rubber Catsuit Heavy Rubber
Drink Your Own Piss R.H. !

Drink Your Own Piss R.H. ! - Gallery Update Added 2014-07-13

Having taken my Rubber Gloved fingers out of RH's ass, I play with his hard cock inside the Plastic Pants he is wearing! I wank and suck him through the Soft PVC Pants as I also pump up my Inflatable Rubber Plug that is deep in my cunt! Pulling out his cock from the Plastic, I know he needs to Piss! So aiming his cock upwards I let him piss straight in to his own mouth!!! Watch as the Stream Of Piss hits his Rubber Hooded Face and open mouth!

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Milking His Cathetrized Cock!

Milking His Cathetrized Cock! - Video Update Added 2014-07-09

Sticking her Rubber Gloved Fingers deep in to her wet cunt, Matron rubs the pissy wet cunt juices all over RH's Rubber Gasmask! The other hand is still busy wanking his Catheterized Cock... Matron speeds up as she wants her Plastic Piss Patient to cumm! As she pulls his Plastic Hood over his face he does so almost immediately slashing his Hot Spunk all over her Rubber Hooded Face! Taking out the catheter, Matron slides is still hard cock back in to his Plastic Suit, what a finish not to be missed!

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Rubber Sluts Nipple Tease!

Rubber Sluts Nipple Tease! - Gallery Update Added 2014-07-05

Using my warm wet tongue I at first gently play with my Rubber Sissy Sluts nipples as they are exposed from his Rubber Catsuit... I start to play a little harder as his Hard Cock throbs in front of me! He tries to wank himself with his Rubber Gloved hands as I refuse to let him pinning him down of the Rubber sheeted gyno chair. Now it's time for some Latex smothering...

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Deep Anal Fingering!

Deep Anal Fingering! - Video Update Added 2014-07-01

Dressed head to toe in Clinical Red Rubber! I have let my Rubber Slave wear his favourite Plastic Pants and Rubber Toe Socks... This session is going to be very wet and Matron will be stretching his Ass Hole to the max as she fucks him with an big Inflatable Rubber Cock, but first I play with his Stiff Hard Cock  through the Lubed Plastic Pants while I finger fuck his tight ass!!!

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