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Pregnant Patient Fucks Matron!

Pregnant Patient Fucks Matron! - Video Update Added 2017-07-21

After being fucked with Rubber Anal balls and a Rubber Cock, a heavily pregnant Patient J. takes her turn as she gets Matron to lie down on the Latex Bed and with her Rubber Gloved fingers starts to fuck her! Matron opens up her Crotchless Rubber panties to allow better access for J's wet Rubber fingers as these two loose themselves in a Wet Rubber Fucking session...

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Catheterized Golden Shower!

Catheterized Golden Shower! - Video Update Added 2017-07-11

Matron has successfully inserted RH's catheter, she has hooked this up to his drainage bag and now she watches as the Urine Starts To Flow... Sucking on his hard catheterized cock, Matron Needs A Piss! Standing over her Plastic Hazmat wearing Patient she Pisses all over his cock as he wanks furiously with his Rubber Gauntleted hands. Matron then allows RH. to finger fuck her as this pair wank and fuck each other!!!

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The Bizarre Wet Rubber Fuck cont...

The Bizarre Wet Rubber Fuck cont... - Video Update Added 2017-07-01

For lovers of Rubber Strap On Fucking this movie really is for you! Matron starts off with one of her Rubber Cock Dildo that is strapped to her legs as she pounds a Pissy Wet Patient J! Then with her legs spread wide a Rubber clad Matron fucks her hard for a good 5 minutes with her Rubber Cock that are attached to the Rubber Pants she is wearing over her Latex Leggings! Great Rubber Fucking action.

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Heavy Rubber Rubber Catsuit Video Eva
Pissy Pregnant Pussy Pounding

Pissy Pregnant Pussy Pounding - Video Update Added 2017-06-21

Having pissed all over each other Matron now has heavily pregnant and Transparent Rubber clad Patient J. on her back and on the Latex couch! Matron uses some Rubber Anal Balls to slide in to her tight wet cunt while wanking her hard with a Black Rubber Cock! Watch J. suck the juices from the Rubber balls and Matron fucks her with the Rubber Cock...

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Time for His Catheter!

Time for His Catheter! - Video Update Added 2017-06-11

Patient RH. is now ready for his catheter, Matron readies herself by first pulling on some surgical Rubber Gloves, then opens the catheter kit and places the Plastic leg bag on the couch ready for connection... Sliding in the Rubber Tube she then blows up the Latex balloon now inside him and connects the PVC tube as the Urine Starts To Flow!!! Now she needs him hard!!! 

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Plastic Nappy PVC Clothing Plastic Nappy
Plastic Pants Piss Fuck!

Plastic Pants Piss Fuck! - Video Update Added 2017-05-31

Matron slides off a Piss Soaked red Rubber and Plastic dressed Patient DD. from her Rubber Bed and stands her up beside it, pulling down her Plastic Pants, Matron get DD.. to step out of them and the gets DD. to spread her legs and bend over the Latex Sheets... Then it's time for DD. to feel some Rubber Cock and Matron Strap On Fucks her Piss Slut!

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