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PDX Clear Leader Snatch...
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Double Piss and Gagged!

Double Piss and Gagged! - Video Update Added 2015-11-25

Matron slips off her Long Rubber Surgeons Gown as she prepares her Gagged slut for some hard Rubber Piss Drinking!!! Inverting the operating take so Patient AB. is underneath her, Matron climbs on to the table as Pisses all over AB's face, open mouth and tits! AB. also squirts her Piss high in to the air as the Golden Shower gets very wet indeed!!!

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Sucking His Bladder Dry!!!

Sucking His Bladder Dry!!! - Gallery Update Added 2015-11-20

Matron just loves drinking piss! And what better way than straight from RH's catheterized cock! Keeping him hard she guzzles on the fresh piss as it splashes all over his red Rubber Catsuit and her Rubber Hooded face... Wanking him furiously the Piss flies from his cock all over the Rubber couch he is laying on...

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Rubber Vac Bed Session

Rubber Vac Bed Session - Video Update Added 2015-11-14

Still sucked between her Rubber Layers, Patient AB. has the feeling of Huge Titted Matron sliding and licking her way all over her Latex Encased Body... Matron pours her Golden Liquid all over her eager cunt and perky tits as AB. masturbates inside the Vac Bed! Who will need to go next? looking at AB's Full Bladder it looks like she is going to fill her own Rubber Bed...

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Bizarre Inflatable Rubber Cock Suck!

Bizarre Inflatable Rubber Cock Suck! - Gallery Update Added 2015-11-09

With Patient X. sat fully inflated in her Rubber Bondage Body and Inflatable Rubber Hood, Nurse J. turns her attention to Patient RH. who also has on a Black Rubber Hood and poking out from his Rubber Catsuit, is his cock cover by a Rubber Cock Sheath! J. wastes no time in getting it in to her mouth!!!

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Bizarre Heavy Rubber Piss Treatment

Bizarre Heavy Rubber Piss Treatment - Video Update Added 2015-11-05

Matron is using all her Rubber Clinical expertise as she uses her Clinical Devices to feed Patient RH. who is strapped inside his Rubber Straight Jacket, to drink his own piss from his catheter! Matron decides he needs a change of Piss from his atomizer too as she pours out the old piss and fills it with her fresh Urine! Not for the faint hearted. REAL RUBBER CLINIC ACTION!!!

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Inhaling Matrons Piss!

Inhaling Matrons Piss! - Gallery Update Added 2015-10-30

Still locked inside his Inflatable Rubber Body Bag, Patient RH looks out from his Rubber Gasmask as Matron plays with his piss bottle that she has connected to his mask via a Rubber Tube! She teases him standing over his Latex Encased Body and rubbing the bubbling bottle of Piss against her Rubber covered wet cunt... What will she do next?

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