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High Waisted Moulded...
£15.50 ( €20.93 )
Men's Rubber...
£185.00 ( €249.75 )
Sexy Rubber Nurse Dress
£130.00 ( €175.50 )
Lockable Rubber...
£395.00 ( €533.25 )
Frilly Hot Pants
£36.50 ( €49.28 )
Officers Rubber Peak Cap
£72.00 ( €97.20 )
Underwired Latex Teddy
£150.00 ( €202.50 )
Fist Mitt Rubber...
£175.00 ( €236.25 )
Short Skating Skirt
£45.00 ( €60.75 )
Rubber Knee Socks
£42.00 ( €56.70 )
Overbust Shiny PVC...
£54.50 ( €73.58 )
Open Ended Hooded...
£85.00 ( €114.75 )
Platform Thigh Boot...
£125.00 ( €168.75 )

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Drip Fed His Own Urine...

Drip Fed His Own Urine... - Video Update Added 2015-03-02

Matron has attached a Plastic collection bag to RH's Rubber Cock Sheath as he lays inside his Chlorinated Rubber Cocoon, strapped in nice and tight with the Latex belts... Milking and stroking his cock she watches as the Flow Of Piss now travels up the Rubber Tube and starts to fill the bag! Once done Matron holds the bag over his mouth as he Drinks His Own Piss...

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Plastic Piss Blow Job!

Plastic Piss Blow Job! - Gallery Update Added 2015-02-25

Matron climbs off the Plastic Sheeted Bed and opens up RH's Huge Plastic Body Bag and while sucking on his Huge Hard Cock she splashes her face with their Piss that has built up in the Plastic bag... She drinks it, slurps it and rubs it in to her face! Then hearing her Plastic Slave moaning she gently pushes the Rubber Ball Gag in a little further to shut him up!

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Web Cam Live Piss Fetish KINK TUBE
Rubber Gloved Ass Stretch!

Rubber Gloved Ass Stretch! - Video Update Added 2015-02-20

With a Large Inflatable Rubber Dildo still up his ass, RH. is Anal Fucked to the max as Matron wanks his cock with her wet Rubber Gloved hands! Keeping him on the edge of a Huge Orgasm, she takes out the Rubber Cock and now stretches his ass hole with her Rubber covered fingers!!! RH. moans in ecstasy under he Pissy Plastic Pants that are still over his head!!! 

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Wet Shackled Rubber Wank

Wet Shackled Rubber Wank - Gallery Update Added 2015-02-15

Matron is getting her wet cunt fingered as she pulls up her Rubber Apron! She pushes against her Rubber Patients hands as she wants it deeper... But making sure he doesn't go too far she pulls off and climbs up on to the Rubber Sheeted clinic bed, there she gathers up some Piss lying in the bed and gives her Latex Slave a pissy Rubber bed bath!

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Rubber Eva Heavy Rubber Rubber Eva Shop
Pissy Plastic Slurping

Pissy Plastic Slurping - Video Update Added 2015-02-10

Matrons Love Of Piss is legendary and in this clip you can see why! She opens up RH's Huge Plastic Body Bag and while sucking on his Huge Hard Cock she splashes her face with their Piss that has built up in the Plastic bag... She drinks it, slurps it and rubs it in to her face! Then handing RH. a Plastic Potty, she stand s over him to fill it up as he tries to watch from his Plastic Hooded Enclosure...

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Rubber Piss Speculum Orgy!

Rubber Piss Speculum Orgy! - Gallery Update Added 2015-02-05

Stunning Plastic speculum action here as Patient AS. is still being pumped full of Urine as Matron uses the large PVC syringe to squirt the Piss inside her! But then Patient AS. splutters that she now needs a piss too! So with the speculum still inside watch as Matron gets a Golden Shower all over her Rubber Gas Masked face!!! Great Watersports Action!

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