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Plastic Piss Hazmat Session!

Plastic Piss Hazmat Session! - Video Update Added 2017-03-21

Matron loves the look and feel of Plastic Hazmat complete with a Rubber Gasmask! So she has Patient RH. dressed in a Rubber Gas Masked Suit and on to a Plastic B.P. Suit with double layered hood... She examines her Plastic and Rubber clad Patient as he lays on the examination table and after sucking and wanking his hard cock she fills his Plastic Hood with her Piss!!!

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Rubber Catsuit KINK TUBE Live Clinic Webcam
Bound Piss Patient Finale!

Bound Piss Patient Finale! - Video Update Added 2017-03-11

- text to follow - 

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Rubber Eva Fetish Movies Heavy Rubber
Drinking Patients PISS!

Drinking Patients PISS! - Video Update Added 2017-03-01

Literally sucking and eating the Piss from DD’s Rubber Top, Matron gets a hunger for yet more piss as Patient DD. squats over her on the Rubber examination couch… Opening her mouth Matron takes the warm wet Golden Shower in her face and mouth as DD. empties her bladder! Then lying back on the couch Matron opens up her Rubber Bloomers and allows DD. to wank her off…

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Plastic Lovers Rubber Eva Shop PVC Clothing
Heavy Rubber Golden Shower Fuck

Heavy Rubber Golden Shower Fuck - Video Update Added 2017-02-21

This clip is a fast and furious Rubber Fucking session as Patient J. pounds away on Matrons Rubber Strap On Cock that are attached to her Rubber Pants! Pulling off she sucks her own juices from the Rubber Cock before standing over Matron and her cocks and giving them all a huge Golden Shower! Then it's back to more Latex Fucking as she licks the piss from the cocks...

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Video Eva PVC Sluts Webmasters
Pregnant Rubber Piss Games!

Pregnant Rubber Piss Games! - Video Update Added 2017-02-11

With the electric couch now fully elevated Patient J. who is heavily pregnant pulls open her Crotchless Rubber Catsuit and Matron places her head on the wet Rubber bed which is soaked with Piss and starts to lap it up as J. pisses on to her Rubber head and face! Matron then gives J. a Transparent Rubber piss bath and Rubber Gloved finger fuck...

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Rubber Eva Shop Plastic Nappy Webmasters
Perverted Rubber Gyno cont...

Perverted Rubber Gyno cont... - Video Update Added 2017-01-31

Inserting his catheter Matron listens to the ecstatic moans of RH. from his Rubber Hood! His cock is rock hard as she sucks and strokes it milking the piss from his bladder, while all the time Inflating his ass with Rubber and Piss!!! NOT for the faint hearted. Hard Rubber Clinic Action 100% exclusive to this site...

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