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beGLOSS Polish Cloth
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Stainless Steel...
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Plastic Polo Shirt
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Rubber Fisting Mitt
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Rubber Military Leotard
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Matron Takes A Faceful!

Matron Takes A Faceful! - Video Update Added 2017-05-21

Following on from their previous Golden Shower fun, Patient DD. has one last bladder full for Matron! So Matron slides down in her Rubber Soaked Outfit and positions her Rubber Hooded Head between the Rubber Clad thighs of DD. Then she opens wide as she gets a real full face full of Piss!!! A great end to this series, a must for Piss Drinking fans...

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Piss Fetish PVC Clothing P.B. Productions
Getting Him Hard For His Catheter!

Getting Him Hard For His Catheter! - Video Update Added 2017-05-11

Matron parts her cunt and rides RH's Rubber Gas Mask as he drinks in not only her Piss from the Plastic Hood he is wearing but also from her pissy wet cunt!!! The aromas drive him wild as his hard cock twitches in front of Matron who can resist leaning over and sucking it! Climbing off she prepares his catheter and slides on her Rubber Gloves ready for his insertion...

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Webmasters Plastic Lovers Rubber Eva Shop
Pregnant Rubber Piss Drinker!

Pregnant Rubber Piss Drinker! - Video Update Added 2017-05-01

Having got her Rubber Piss Bitch comfortable and in the right position, Matron opens up her Rubber Skirt as she stands over her Piss Slut and give her a long wet Golden Shower! With Piss pouring all over her face and hair this Pregnant Piss Mop just loves it! Then it's time to get some Rubber Toys in to that swollen cunt as Matron wants her to cumm...

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Plastic Nappy Rubber Eva Shop Fetish Movies
Milking His Bladder Dry!

Milking His Bladder Dry! - Video Update Added 2017-04-21

Still sucking on his catheterized cock, a Transparent Rubber clad Matron decides it's time to refill RH's Plastic piss bag that is suspended above his Rubber Zip Hood face! Taking the PVC tube off his Latex catheter, Matron drains his own Piss through the tubes and the bag starts to fill as he is now having to drink his own Piss once more!!! Stunning Kinky Clinic action...

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Web Cam Live Webmasters Rubber Eva
Bizarre Wet Rubber Doggy Style Fuck!

Bizarre Wet Rubber Doggy Style Fuck! - Video Update Added 2017-04-11

Following on from her Urine Soaked oral session, Patient J. is now going to get a really hard Rubber Fuck as Matron slides up behind her in her Bizarre Rubber Outfit! Spanking her bare ass that is sticking out from her Rubber Catsuit, J. is pushed in to the wet Rubber Mattress as she gets well and truly fucked! Don't miss this Wet Rubber Sex session as Matron shows her who's the boss...

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PVC Sluts Plastic Nappy KINK TUBE
Pissy Plastic Wank and Oral

Pissy Plastic Wank and Oral - Video Update Added 2017-03-31

Having let all the piss out of Patient DD's pissy wet Plastic Pants, Matron makes her now lie down in the wet Rubber Sheets as she finger fucks her slut through her warm wet Plastic Pants! Matron also slides her huge Rubber Cock in to the waiting mouth of DD. Making her coke on it!!!

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