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Front Zip Sleeveless...
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Jogging Bottoms
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Inflatable Rubber Cock...
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Elasticated Mini
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Large Solid Rubber...
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Fingerless Rubber...
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Comfort Pants
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Overbust Shiny PVC...
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Rubber Short Sleeved...
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Latex Beret
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Mr B Talc
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DVD Films



Body Bagged Piss Patient

Body Bagged Piss Patient - Video Update Added 2014-12-16

Patient RH. has been strapped in to his Thick Rubber Body Bag and left to sweat on the Rubber Sheeted Bed by Matron! He has had a Rubber Sheath fitted which in turn is connected to a Plastic collection bag, when Matron enters The Rubber Clinic she inspects her Latex Patient and strokes his Hard Cock, then she fill her own Rubber Piss Pants with her flow and swishes it around to tease her Rubber Slave...

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Plastic Lovers Video Eva Piss Fetish
Filling Up Her Cunt!

Filling Up Her Cunt! - Gallery Update Added 2014-12-12

Patient AS. is just in Wet Rubber Ecstasy as she watches Matron pump syringe after syringe full of Piss in to her gapping cunt that is being held open with a Speculum! Matron watches as the overflowing Urine pours back out on to the Rubber Sheet below, while letting her Patient finger her clit with her Rubber Gloved fingers...

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Rubber Catsuit Rubber Eva KINK TUBE
Pissy Cock Pump Then Anal!

Pissy Cock Pump Then Anal! - Video Update Added 2014-12-08

Matron has had enough of playing with RH's swollen cock in his Piss filled Suction Tube and now wants to play with his Ass hole! Taking off the Cock Pump and letting all the Piss out, she puts his Rubber Legs up in the stirrups and starts to Finger His Ass with her Lubed Rubber gloves! Once he is opened up it's time for a Large Rubber Cock that is also Inflatable! What him take the lot and she wanks and fucks him at the same time!!!

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Plastic Nappy PVC Clothing P.B. Productions
Patient Hoist Rubber Blow

Patient Hoist Rubber Blow - Gallery Update Added 2014-12-04

Matron has a new toy in the Clinic and she tests it straight out on a Brown Rubber Clad Patient as he swings in his Rubber Bondage while suspended in the Patient Hoist! Matron has already given her Rubber Slut a full Golden Shower and next she is sucking on his Hard Cock as the Piss drips down his Chlorinated Rubber ass... Next she pulls on his Nipples as she waits for his next flow!

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Rubber Eva Shop Plastic Nappy Live Clinic Webcam
Transparent Rubber Piss Bed

Transparent Rubber Piss Bed - Video Update Added 2014-11-30

Matron climbs up on to the Rubber Bed, opening her Rubber Catsuit she spreads her pussy lips and give her Transparent Rubber Patient and huge Golden Shower!!! Then getting down on the Wet Rubber Sheets she gives him a Pissy Wet Wank before he gives Matron a Faceful Of Hot Piss!!! Getting off the now Piss Soaked bed Matron grabs some Nipple Suction Cups and gets to work on his exposed nipples that are sticking out from his Tit Zips!

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Webmasters PVC Sluts Rubber Eva Shop
Rubber Cock Dilation BJ.

Rubber Cock Dilation BJ. - Gallery Update Added 2014-11-26

We first join Matron in this set bouncing up and down on her Rubber Patients cock as she fucks him in the Gyno chair! But next she pulls off his Pissy Wet Plastic Pants and gets out the Stainless Steel cock dilators! Pushing one all the way in, she then wanks and sucks her Latex Clad Patient as she keeps him on the edge or a Rubber Orgasm...

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Webmasters Heavy Rubber Web Cam Live