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Piss Bottle Spunk Finale!

Piss Bottle Spunk Finale! - Video Update Added 2014-10-29

Matron un-pops the Rubber Cock Sheath from Patient RH's Rubber Pants he has been wearing over his now wet Rubber Catsuit releasing his Hard Cock! While he wanks himself Matron takes off the Piss bottle from his Rubber Gas Mask and Tube and pours over his cock! Then it's a wet Pissy Blow Job and wank to cumm all over her Rubber Face and Latex Goggles! What and explosive finish!!!

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Plastic Nappy Heavy Rubber PVC Clothing
Sucking RH's Bladder Dry!

Sucking RH's Bladder Dry! - Gallery Update Added 2014-10-25

Matron loves nothing better than drinking her Patients liquid straight from their bladder, here RH. gets sucked dry from his Rubber catheter tube that is sticking out from his Hard Cock! Matron massages it with her Rubber Gloved hands milking the last drops of Piss from him as she pulls up his head via his Plastic Hood so he can see...

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Web Cam Live Piss Fetish Rubber Eva
Matrons Shackled Piss Patient

Matrons Shackled Piss Patient - Video Update Added 2014-10-21

RH. has been left for some time alone in The Rubber Clinic, Matron arrives and pulls back the Rubber Bedding, Matron unleashes RH's hard cock from his Latex Catsuit! He is still unable to play with himself as his Shackles are still attached to the Rubber Bed! Stroking his cock, Matron uses her skilful Rubber Gloved hands to work him up while also placing a Latex hand over his Rubber Hooded face...

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Video Eva Live Clinic Webcam Plastic Lovers
Matrons Plastic Pants Fuck!

Matrons Plastic Pants Fuck! - Gallery Update Added 2014-10-17

Matron pulls out her Inflatable Rubber Plug form her cunt as she now wants some Hard Cock inside her! She lowers the Gyno chair and straddles her Pissy Wet Rubber Patient, then sliding herself down on to him she starts to fuck him as the Piss in his Plastic Pants swishes and splashes all over this Rubber Fucking pair... 

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PVC Sluts Webmasters P.B. Productions
Matrons Plastic Patient!

Matrons Plastic Patient! - Video Update Added 2014-10-13

Matron has Patient RH. laid out on the Rubber Mattress and already dressed in his Rubber T.E. Suit with a Plastic Catsuit over the top and lying half in and half out of a Double Sized Plastic Body Bag! Matron who has on the same Black Rubber and thick Natural Plastic layers inspects her Rubber piss slut... She sees that her entrance has got him hard as she pulls back The Rubber Duvet!

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Fetish Movies Plastic Nappy Rubber Eva Shop
Shackled and Blown!

Shackled and Blown! - Gallery Update Added 2014-10-09

Pulling back the Rubber Bedding, Matron unleashes RH's hard cock from his Latex Catsuit! He is still unable to play with himself as his Shackles are still attached to the Rubber Bed! Stroking his cock, Matron uses her skilful Rubber Gloved hands to work him up while also placing a Latex hand over his Rubber Hooded face...

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