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Underwired Latex Teddy
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Lace and Bows PVC...
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Short Sleeved Hooded...
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Buckled Rubber Bondage...
£275.00 ( €330.00 )
Hooded and Sleeved...
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Vest Top Rubber Catsuit
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Mens Rubber Vest Top
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Adjustable Length Penis...
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Long Rubber Ball Gown...
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Penis Poke Gag Harness
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Zip Front Rubber Body...
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Her Plastic Pants Full Of Piss!

Her Plastic Pants Full Of Piss! - Video Update Added 2017-01-21

Matron holds open Patient DD's Plastic Pants as she bends forward on all fours on the Rubber Sheeted clinic bed, With the flow of Piss coming from Matron's Crotchless Rubber Catsuit its not long before DD. has a bulging pair of Plastic pants full of hot wet Piss!!! Matron finishes and pulls the pants back up while keeping DD. on all four swishing the piss against DD's cunt...

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Released and Pissed On!

Released and Pissed On! - Video Update Added 2017-01-11

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Rubber Piss Twins cont...

Rubber Piss Twins cont... - Video Update Added 2016-12-31

These two are still entangled in their Rubber embrace slipping and sliding around in the wet Latex that Patient DD. has pissed all over! Now it’s Matrons turn as she pulls up over DD. and pisses all over her Rubber Corset and Catsuit as she rubs the warm wet Piss in to her pussy...

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Piss Fetish Rubber Eva Plastic Nappy
Which Cock To Fuck

Which Cock To Fuck - Video Update Added 2016-12-21

Still worshipping the Rubber Strap On Cocks that Matron has on her legs and Latex Pants, A transparent Rubber Blouse wearing J. decides she need some Latex Cock deep in her cunt!!! So she picks the middle one and these two start their Rubber Fucking in earnest... Matron lays back and peers out from her Bizarre Rubber Dolly Hood as she watches J. fuck her hard!

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Suck! Piss! Anal! Gyno!

Suck! Piss! Anal! Gyno! - Video Update Added 2016-12-11

RH. loves the feeling of his ass being filled with Inflated Rubber! Matron wants to keep him hard despite his Anal intrusion! She sucks his cock that are sticking out of his Rubber Pants and pours over some Piss from a leg bag as she does so... Matron undoes her Rubber Popper Pants and also pisses on the floor as she carries on sucking him off!!!

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KINK TUBE PVC Clothing Heavy Rubber
Pissing On My Pregnant Rubber Slut!

Pissing On My Pregnant Rubber Slut! - Video Update Added 2016-12-01

Moving my heavily pregnant Rubber Slut down on the couch, I straddle over her and lift up my Rubber Apron and Long Rubber Skirt and Piss all over the Piss Slut! She loves it as the Golden Shower falls over her Rubber covered bump! J. splashes the piss all over her Rubber Catsuit and face as she then thinks about pissing on me!

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